Heavy duty steel rolling workbench toolbox wheels

Heavy Duty Truck Tool Boxes & Steel Workbenches


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Pro 80 modular steel workbench Quality heavy duty.

Modular storage in 30" sections

Pro 343408 heavy duty steel truck box / service toolbox

Heavy duty steel storage for mobile work vehicles, trucks and vans.

Pro 603512 Heaby duty steel 2in1 workbench toolbox combo

Understand how the pro 60 workbench tool box combo works with 1/4 inch steel top.

Pro 50 Heavy duty steel storage system with dividers

Storage for heavy tools 400+ capacity with steel dividers. 

Pro343405 Heavy duty truck box Service box

Truck storage with dividers, keep your work truck van originated with steel toolbox 

Pro 25 Swivel heavy duty steel Truck box

Weather tight outdoor steel workbench for work trailers, work trucks and work van.

Pro303507 Heavy duty steel workbench

Heavy duty steel 2in1 workbench toolbox combo with possible workbench tooper hutch.

Pro 80 Swivel storage heavy duty steel workbench

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Pro 603512 heavyduty steel workbench 2in1 toolbox

Swivel storage heavy duty steel workbench explained.

Pro303507 steel workbench with casters - 2in1 toolbox

Norm Penner explains why the heavyduty steel workbench is better.

Heavy Duty Steel 2in1 workbench toolbox combo